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It’s been over a week since Saas-Fee and tomorrow it’s time to go again. The past week has been really nice since I spent it in Tallinn, Estonia. Lotta does her Law studies there so I helped her move and had a nice vacation. I had a little bit different week of training, since I did a lot of speed training. The local Athletics stadium gave us pretty good conditions just for that. We also tested the local sports hall, and with a price of 1,3 euros we were really satisfied. All together I still had my focus on recovery, so we spent most of the days shopping, making food and hanging out (By the way, our homemade sushirolls were amazing ;)). Now I’m Home, ready to take off tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll have a good camp and go in the right direction. A little over two months until Levi.


Sivu 10 Sivu1 Sivu3

Lotta enjoying the view in her new home.



We had some excellent Indian food for lunch. And to top it all off, some mango lassi ūüėČ


Made this with paint.  Still some work improving my editing skills.

Siivu9 Sivu8


As I said, the sushi WAS awesome.



Lotta turned 22 on thursday, so we had some sparkling wine to celebrate.

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