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So it’s 2015. The season is almost halfway through now, but there is still lots to come. I haven’t been posting here since the Hintertux precamps but I’ll try to make this short. So Levi was good and bad. We had lots of quality training both in Levi and in Salla, but in the races I failed to perform at a satisfying level. In the world cup I ended falling down in the pitch, but continued down. The european cups were a total disaster as I was slow and lost my ”flow” after 2 weeks of good skiing. After Levi we went to pyha for some FIS races where I also failed, but only in GS. In the slalom event I was leading after the first run but a mistake in the second dropped me into second place.

Well from the north we went home for 10 days for some rest, and continued to Italy. After 2 days of training we decided that I would fly up to Åre for the World cup slalom. Well the conditions were fine, but as I was lacking speed I ended up 44th. We flew back to Italy for some European cup races, first the parallel slalom witch I managed to qualify into. Well my opponent on the first round happend to be second in the race so that beeing said even though I was quite fast I got eliminated. We continued to Obereggen where I straddled in a flush, and in Carezza some bad skiing ment there was no second run for me. Well anyhow the last race of 2014, the world cup in Madonna di Campiglio was good. I skied pretty good and despite rough conditions I ended up 36th. Too bad I couldn’t get into top 30 for some points, but it’l come.

Now we are in Chamonix after some good training in Champorcher, Italy. Today we will have a night european cup slalom so le’ts bring it on.

Happy new year 2015 and BTW it’s my birthday today. YAAAY.

Over and out, Jetu

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