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It’s been a while.

It’s been a while since the last post. The whole season has pretty much flown by, and the last races of the spring are ahead.

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, the European cups at Chamonix were a hit and miss. I missed top 30 in the first race by 2 tens, but in the second one I managed to pull out a 18th place, whitch is a PB for me. After Chamonix there was quite alot of travelling back and forth World Cups and FIS races, whitch all ended badly for me. I had lots of good training and got to experience Kitzbuhel and Schladming for the first time. Too bad I didn’t qualify. Eventually I had some good results at Sudelfeld, where i finished 3rd and 4th in tough races.

Since I couldn’t score any world cup points this season, I didn’t get to race in the World Championships this year. As an alternative, we flew over to Japan for a unforgettable trip. We had 6 races in 3 different resorts in 11 days. Everything as more than amazing even though we didn’d manage to get the results we were hoping for. At least Merle scored two times 6, so we were happy for her.

After Japan I raced in Kranjska Gora at the world cup, and the day after in the European cup. In both races, I was lacking speed and therefore couldn’t get anything noteworthy done.

Now I’m at Estonia, resting and starting the dryland season for 2015-16. In a week I’ll travel up to Pyhä for spring training, and the Finnish nationals. Hopefully I can get a good result to end this season and start a fresh one.

20150308_180231The food was extremely good in Japan.

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20150304_101804 20150227_104401 20150227_102122 IMG-20150307-WA0020 20150302_090730 20150303_202227 No beds in our rooms 😀IMG-20150307-WA0018 IMG-20150303-WA0013 IMG-20150303-WA0010

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