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End of 2014/15

Season 14/15 has finally come to an end. What should I say? I’m not sure.

There has been lots of ups and downs, mostly downs, or at least thats what told me. Anyhow it’s not all about instant success and all glory without any struggle. I’m glad to say that my skiing has improved alot since last season, even though my results have been roughly the same. Anyway it’s nice to have a little pause from skiing and start the dryland training.

A thanks to all the supporters including, FIBOX, Aava, Selkäcenter and others. 🙂

Last weekend we did our physical tests at Santa sport Rovaniemi. We had a big group of athletes, quite alot of new ones. I feel like crap since every inch of my body hurts, but eventually it will fade.

ps. I dont have a lot of pictures since my phone is broken.20150418_082352



20150411_095039Sorry for the hand 😀

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