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The summer flew by, if there even was one. The weather in Finland was bad, but luckily we did our annual 2 week trip to Spain.

The dryland training was a bit different this summer, as we focused alot on my aerobic stamina, as well as on one leg strength. That included some speed skating exercises and on legged squats. All in all training was good and I feel ready for the upcoming winter.

Two weeks ago I began my season as I flew over to Austria and visited the Blizzard factory. Im happy to be a member of the factory team, and I’m convinced they will help me in any way possible. After getting my equipment we headed to Saas-Fee for our first ski camp of the new season. After 7 days on skis, I already feel great and cant wait to get back.

On Sunday we’ll fly to Rovaniemi, where we will have a dryland camp. I have no idea what to expect, but hopefully it will be alright.



I decided to take the HR monitor to the slopes. I’ll have to eat a whole jar of peanut butter to get enough energy.





A easy win for team Henttinen/Luukko as we defeated Räsänen/Niemelä in a thriller.


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